Our Cause

The Whale Shark Company came about from my love of Whale Sharks. Ever since I was 5 years old, I have been fascinated with this animal.

Not much is known about Whale Sharks but we are well on our way to learning more.  The Gentle Giants are now on the WWF endangered species list. Since not much is known about Whale Sharks, we are making it our mission at The Whale Shark Company to educate about this amazing animal.

We promise to donate 10% of all our sales to those organizations that are doing the best work to learn more about these amazing creatures and to those organizations that are putting efforts towards saving them. 

Who we support

Classic Tee

The original Whale Shark shirt, supporting a good cause.



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About Whale Sharks

They are the largest fish in the world

Whale Sharks are actually not a whale, they are a fish. In fact, they are the biggest fish in the world, growing to upwards of 40 feet long!

They have thousands of teeth

Although they are filter feeders, Whale Sharks have thousands of microscopic teeth (less than 6 mm long). These are no threat to humans, however, since their diet consists of small fish and plankton.

Their mouths are 5 feet wide

Although their mouths are 5 feet wide, their throats are approximatley the size of a quater. Meaning they can only consume very small fish, krill, and plankton!

Each Whale Shark Pattern is special

Much like human finger prints, Whale Sharks' pattern of spots are individual for each animal, meaning no Whale Shark has the same spot formation as another!

They love warm water

Whale Sharks stay near the equator all year round, formatting their migration patterns based on krill movement. They are most commonly found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Maldives